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Biotechnology is a growing field of study. What does FIELD stand for?

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Experts predict a rise of two to three degrees Celcius in average global temperatures. What does DEGREES mean in this context?
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Water ______ at a temperatura of zero degrees Celsius.
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Jacques Cousteau will be remembered for his inventions and for ______ to marine science.
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Juan loves to play baseball. His friend Miguel enjoys baseball, too.
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Einstein's special theory___ relativity was published in 1905
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He defined ageism ____ "a process of stereotyping and discrimination against people because they are old".
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"Bram Stoker is best known for his classic horror novel “Dracula”, which was published in 1897.
What did Bram Stoker do?
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Sonya is so determined and stubborn that she never ________ until she gets exactly what she wants.
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"Exhausted from her transantlantic flight, Judy could not stay up past 9 p.m." What did Judy do at 9 p.m.?
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